Plumbing Products for Correctional Facilities

Winsupply has the specialty products that you need. We have an assortment of secure plumbing parts and supplies that are durable enough to handle the unique demands of those institutions.

Security Plumbing Fixtures and Parts

  • Metcraft Industries Inc
  • Acorn Engineering
  • Willoughby Industries,Inc
  • A.O. Smith Water Products Company
  • Cyclone Water Heater
  • WashTech Laundry Equipment
  • Pecora Security Sealants

Toilets That Can Handle Institutional Volumes

Prison toilets are liable to get clogged due to volume demands as well as contraband items being flushed. We offer toilets with Tidal Flush and Flex Flush Technology so that you can provide your customers with the most advanced products in the industry.

Plumbing Fixtures That Can Withstand Institutional Abuse!

The strength, function and durability of a plumbing fixture can be tested to its limit inside a correctional facility. Jails, prisons and correctional facilities can incur costly damages due to inmate vandalism and fights or riots. In addition to the costs involved, porcelain china plumbing fixtures that are broken or damaged by inmates have the potential to become weapons, creating dangerous situations for inmates and facility staff.

You can count on Winsupply for high-quality stainless steel security plumbing fixtures for institutional environments such as prisons, jails, detention centers and correctional facilities.

Benefits of Security Stainless Steel Plumbing Fixtures

  • Heavy-gage stainless steel are used to construct the fixtures that adds durability and strength above that of porcelain fixtures
  • No accessible voids or crevices for hiding contraband due to seamless welding
  • Ideal for new construction or retrofitting dorms and cells
  • Fixtures can be engineered to fit existing rough ins
  • Porcelain China to Stainless Steel



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  • Acorn Engineering
  • AO Smith
  • Bell & Gossett
  • Kohler
  • Liberty Pumps
  • Metcraft Industries, Inc.
  • Sloan
  • Symmons
  • Willoughby Industries, Inc.

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